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Are you looking for a seafood restaurant near Ueno Park?
we are pretty sure that our restaurant is one of the best seafood restaurants in Tokyo.

What is the difference between our restaurant and others?
First off, we only use seafood were delivered every day.
Since our signature food, Sashimi, is a raw cuisine,
it is really important to keep fish fresh.
So, we have a fish tank in our restaurant to keep it lively as long as possible.
You will notice the deliciousness when you taste the Sashimi;
the freshness and the slight sweetness of it is something else.

Second, we serve Shabushabu as an Otoshi.
F.Y.I., Otoshi is a kind of appetizer which is served first at Japanese restaurants or Izakaya. Otoshi are usually served in a small dish, but we serve a shabu shabu as an Otoshi.
Most of local customers enjoy sashimi and other seafood in their own way by using Otoshi, Shabushabu. When the sashini left several pieces, they put a sashimi into shabu shabu and enjoy it as a seafood shabu shabu.

Third, you can enjoy various kinds of Japanese dishes in a private room.
Not only seafood, we also provide meats and vegetables.
Even you or your companion is not a seafood lover, No worries!
we serve various kinds of Japanese authentic foods, from meats to vegetables.
Enjoy our well-prepared dishes in a private room.

Don’t miss a chance to taste high-quality Japanese food in our restaurant.

TOP 5 Specialty dishes of our restaurant




博多前炉ばた 一承 東京上野

博多前炉ばた 一承 東京上野


 東京都台東区上野 7-2-4 FUNDES 上野 8F
 FUNDES Ueno Bldg. 8F, 7-2-4 Ueno, Daitou-ku, Tokyo
 东京都台东区上野7-2-4 FUNDES上野大厦 8F
東京都台東區上野7-2-4 FUNDES上野大廈8F




ランチ 11:30~14:30
ディナー 17:00~24:00